Towatch Krathnan

Cleric/Warlock C1/W1


The Karthnans are a noble family, widely spread but not particularly powerful. Not powerful in the political or military sense but they are numerous and WIDELY spread and one of the few noble families interested in trade and finance. They are ruled by ‘The Six Barons’ five actual Barons, nobles with meaningful if not huge lands, one in LG, one in River and three in LE, the sixth ‘Baron’ is actually a landless knight who is the head of Karthnan’s Banking House. The middle rank of the family is held by landed knights and merchants. The vast majority of the males however are landless knights, either second sons or sons of second sons. If a holding is about to go without male heir … there is not infrequently a Karthan there offering for the hand of an appropriate female to … remedy the situation.

Towatch is the third son, an almost unheard of event, of one of the three LE Barons. Destined for the priesthood from birth he was still primarily trained in the arts expected of a nobleman. Given his ability with the blade and his predilection for the dominance of females, both apparent from an early age, the priesthood of Sharn was the obvious choice. But unexpectedly the young man found that he had a talent for law enforcement rather than more purely militant pursuits.

His trade contacts brought him to River and put him on the river beat, policing that vast and profitable trade and working out of Diamond the easternmost of the four gems. He has developed a reputation as one who gets things done … as well as one who slays females without the slightest hesitation, simply because he enjoys it, whenever he can do so without violating the letter of the law.

Aravanna his current body slave, is his third … or second depending on how you count it. Her older sister and immediate predecessor lasted less than a day. She has been with him eight years already matching his first slave’s service and he shows no sign of tiring of her yet.

His warlock powers, not uncommon among the Krathnan, have only manifested recently. One does not ask a practitioner how their powers, latent at birth, came to be activated … the answers are many, varied, and private. Towath is even more reticent than usual … as his answer involves a Greater Succubus who … claims … to wish to become lawful, not chaotic.

Towatch Krathnan

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