House Rules Character Creation

Character creation

Use player’s hand book method for rolling up stats (roll 4 d6 discard lowest), roll up seven stats the seventh being appearance. After applying racial modifiers you can add one more point to the characteristic of your choice.

Additional on Player’s Handbook

Half Dwarf:
Medium, 30 ft move, maintain 30 ft move in medium armor or encumbrance
Stability as dwarf but only +2
Dark vision and +2 racial benefit to saving throws against spells and spell like effects
Dwarf blood: counts as a dwarf for any special effects that relate to race.
Favored Class Any.

Half Elf:
As elves get a +2 to appearance I’ll rule that half-elves get +1 in addition to their book benefits.

Hermaphrodite or futanari, cock and cunt but no balls, breast size limited to B or smaller. Are a valid gender as a choice for PC or NPC but not common. It is also a valid choice for gender bending spells and effects.

You get one additional feat that must be either a sexual feat or a prerequisite for a sexual feat. It would probably be best if this feat said something about your nature or the nature of the culture you come from.

Skill points:
You get two additional skill points at creation over standard book. If you are a Bard or a sex worker you get an additional two that can only be used for sexually related skills.

Leveling up

HP rolls. must be at least half possible eg when rolling a D6 you will reroll 1s or 2s.

Feats, right now (subject to change if it gets too crazy) you will get additional feats that can only be used on sexual feats or their prerequisites. These will come at Levels: 2, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19

Everyone gets 1 extra skill point, and bards and sex workers get one that can only be used for sexually related skills.

Other rules

Death does not occur when you drop below -10 HP but rather when you drop below -CON.

A caster with a controlling characteristic of 12 gets 1 bonus cantrip, one with 18 gets two. And no matter what you may not have fewer cantrips than the total of all your first level spells.

Appearance will not be used as in BoEF but instead you will be able to add your appearance modifier (in addition to charisma) to bluff, diplomacy, disguise, gather information, and perform checks when a meaningful percentage of the target audience would find your appearance sexually interesting.

Sex professions and the perform (sexual technique) skill get an automatic +APP bonus.
The sexual professions and perform(sexual technique) are synergistic with one another … 5 ranks in one gives +2 in the other.

NPC sexual orientation. (DM)

Males on D20 … on 20 roll a d6 1-3 gay … else heterosexual.

Females Kinsey scale D20 1-10 = 0, 11-14 = 1/2, 15-17 =3, 18-19 =4/5, 20 = 6 … there is a +3 shift for females associated with the cult of the twins … perhaps there are strong priors for other instances as well. Elf Females get a +4 to be bi and dwarf Females -2 … half that for half breeds.

Remember that on average 1 in 10 NPCs is male. In a particular instance it depends on the circumstance. More physical and dangerous and high status situations will have proportionally more males


House Rules Character Creation

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