House Rules Divine Companion

Divine Companion

By sacrificing a possible link to an earthly creature, you gain the ability to store arcane energy in a divine reservoir that takes the form of a spirit creature. Linked to you through your own life essence, this divine companion can then transform that energy into beneficial effects.

Level: 1st.
Replaces: This benefit replaces the summon familiar class feature.
Benefit: You can spend 100 gp to perform a ritual dedicated to the deity of your choice and summon forth a spirit creature to aid you in your adventures. This creature is both invisible and intangible, but it provides you with real benefits.

The divine companion stores arcane energy and redirects it to you according to your level and your needs. To fill this reservoir, you must cast one or more targeted spells at this creature. A spell so cast does not produce its normal effect; the companion simply absorbs the spell’s energy. It can store a number of spell levels equal to your arcane caster level, for the purposes of this energy transfer cantrips count as ½ spell level. You can cast spells into it at any time, but after you rest and recover your spell slots for the day, the divine companion loses any stored energy.

Due to its divine nature if you are double classing as a divine as well as arcane caster the companion may store the energy of divine spells just as it would arcane ones. But your divine caster level does not impact the companion’s ability to store levels.

The divine companion exists outside reality and cannot be affected by spells, spell-like abilities, or any sort of anti-magic effect or dispel check. It cannot, however, release its arcane energy within an antimagk field or similar effect. It uses your caster level for any checks required, and when it releases arcane energy, the level of the effect created equals the number of spell levels released.

The divine companion can release its stored spell energy in either of the following ways, at your command. You can use each effect as often as you wish, until the companion’s stored energy is depleted.

Healing (Su): As a swift action, you can order your divine companion to convert the energy it has stored into healing power. This is the equivalent of a conjuration (healing) spell. This effect heals you for ld6 points of damage per stored spell level, or as many levels as you designate (up to the maximum currently stored).

Shielding (Su): As a swift action, you can order the creature to convert the energy it has stored into protecting you. This is the equivalent of an abjuration spell that provides you with a deflection bonus to AC and a resistance bonus on saves each equal to the number of stored spell levels, or as many levels as you designate (up to the maximum currently stored). However, the maximum spell levels used for this purpose is limited by your character level as well as the spell levels available, max of 7 through level 10, max of 12 from levels 11 through 15, and a max of 17 for character levels 16 and above. This effect lasts for 1 round per arcane caster level you possess.

Additionally you may cast a single specified cantrip into the companion that they can later recast at your order as a swift action rather than using it to power other abilities. At level 15 this becomes two cantrips or one first level spell. These spells must be of specific relevance to your deity for this option to be available (DM ruling).

You may give the companion one conditional order to execute. The companion will execute this order, casting a spell, healing, or shielding as an immediate action as soon as the condition is realized. Giving this order is a standard action. Ordering the companion to perform any swift action cancels this order and it must be re-given to be effective.

These rules replace the data in Complete Champion PP 51 or so.


House Rules Divine Companion

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