Sharn LN, (law, war, protection, healing, perversion, domination, inquisition) Favored weapon, long sword.

Sharn is the triumvirate’s enforcer; he enforces their will, thoroughly or perhaps utterly. His priests enforce the law, the dominance of males over females and the utter subjugation of the elven and orci races. Battle, meeting out justice, dominance of females, female submission, and legally killing females are all sacraments to followers of Sharn. Rape is also a sacrament of Sharn.

In fact in LE it is actually legal for Priests of Sharn to rape noble women … and priestess of any other god as well (unlike others gods don’t retaliate against Sharn’s people … either because they don’t want to take him on or because they’re not in favor of uppity priestesses either). LN has no law change but no one reports a rape by one of Sharn’s cult. It does cause a bit of a problem in LG though … problems which tend to be dealt with on a case by case basis. However, in general and in all nations the priests are discrete about who and how they rape … especially females who might be problematic … and priestesses even more so. In all nations Sharn’s cult provides the executioners, sometimes they also serve as torturers … though that function is most often performed by priestesses of Sharnehah.

As LN Sharn is well balanced between the three … his fondness of dominance, death and subjugation being a problem in LG and his fondness for justice and enforcing the spirit as well as the letter of the law being a problem in LE. His lawfulness and devotion to duty make him a good servant off all three major gods. His militant priests are a significant presence in the armies of all three nations. They handle all the law enforcement in LE that isn’t handled directly by the nobles. In LN they are an integral part of law enforcement. In LG most localities have a sheriff who is a priest or priestess of Sharn but there are usually, except on the frontiers or in the true boonies, other lawmen and women about, clerical or secular.



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