House Rules Sex Workers

Sex workers

There are basically three kinds, temple harlot/courtesan, secular whores/prostitutes, and slaves who are whored out by their masters.

The skills available for these three groups are currently Profession Courtesan and Craft Whore. Five points in either gives a +2 to Perform Sexual Technique. You can take both skills but these plusses do not stack.

The first and third types of prostitution are legal … the second is not. This is pure oppression of female commoners for the benefit of the priesthood and the slaveholders.

As would be expected the enforcement of this law varies across the lands.

In LE the penalty is death it is enforced sporadically with large sweeps and mass executions often brutal ones, much in the same manner that elf slaves are culled.

In LG the penalty is slavery and the law is better enforced than in LE … but not by much.
In River the penalty is death but it is only enforced when a priestess complains, which is rarely. The coppers generally ignore the complaints of slaveholders preferring to keep the prices down via competition. However a free secular whore knows that she take her life into her own hands every night as any john can kill her w/o consequence.

In truth there are not that many slave-owning whoremasters, usually it’s just someone picking up a couple extra coppers on the side with an attractive slave who happens to be idle at that moment. With a sex ratio of 10 to 1 the availability of sex high and there are more profitable ways to employ slaves … unless you are willing to accept a lot of damage to your property … which again limits profits. And also with a sex ratio of 10 to 1 there is no shortage of desperate freewomen willing to risk their lives to keep body and soul together. There are the occasional faux slavery prostitution rings … but the penalty is death for the ‘slaveholder’ in all lands and even in LG a female slaveholder in that situation would be guilty until proven innocent.


House Rules Sex Workers

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