The Middle Twin:

Hermaphrodite LN (Law, protection, passion, pleasure) Morningstar

All of Freyn’s followers are highly sexually expressive, and her priests and priestesses are whores, harlots, and sometimes rapists (Lawfully of course)

Freyn herself is a hermaphrodite, and portrayed with large bare breasts, rampant Phallus, and Yoni apparent. She bids her priests and priestesses to go forth and spread her love, baring their bodies as she herself does. To this end they only wear enough clothing to not be considered naked (by a very loose definition of naked) and only wear more then that when it is to hazardous to themselves or others to bare their bodies.

Some religious scholars believe that Freyn is actually a blending of the twins, not a distinct goddess on her own, but a pooling of the powers of the two.

The Twin Gods


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