Twin Gods

The Twin Gods: – their 3 main responsibilities are war, passionate and promiscuous sex, and peace.

Freya Female LG (War, Good, repose, force) Longsword

Freyn Hermaphrodite LN (Law, protection, passion, pleasure) Morningstar

Frey Male NE (community, Evil, retribution, pact) Spiked shield

Clerics of Freya may have access to both Freya and Freyn’s domains, similarly Frey’s clerics may have access to his and Freyn’s. Freyn’s Clerics may have access to all of the Twin’s domains. However, no cleric can have more than one domain that is not her specific god’s though this does not apply to taking domain devotion feats w/o using domain slots. But, no cleric of the twins can take the Law, Good or Evil domains or domain devotion feats unless they themselves are of the appropriate alignment regardless of what alignment their god is.


Twin Gods

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